More and more customers switch to Bluebrick enforcement app


Not only new customers choose Bluebrick, more and more of our existing customers see the benefits of the user-friendly enforcement app and switch from Sphynxx to Bluebrick. Each month several customers switch and now more than half of our customers uses Bluebrick.

Since the introduction of the Bluebrick enforcement app, the development is still ongoing. Many options have been added, also in response to different customer demands, and various functionalities have been improved. Reasons for new customers to choose Bluebrick, but also for our existing customers to switch to Bluebrick.

Until now, most of the municipalities opted for Bluebrick on an Android smartphone. Users are very pleased with this, the "enforcement apparatus" is now much more than an "enforcement apparatus". The phone is also used for phonecalls, handle e-mail and much more.

A frequently heard benefit is the simplicity and application speed. The modern user interface is almost entirely self-explanatory, after a short training every enforcement agent can use the application.

In January the first municipalities start with Bluebrick on the iPhone, and with the increased use of Windows smartphones, soon a Windows version will be released. Bluebrick is also suitable for dedicated (Motorola) equipment, so Bluebrick suits any need of any municipality.

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