Modern Star Lodge Hotels shares a welcoming car park


Hotels that share the parking lot with other companies, can also manage the site with Brickyard's SlimPark by Designa. Just add a pay station, for visitors other than the hotel guests, like the Star Lodge Hotels did.

Modern hotel

Close to  the Utrecht city centre lies Star Lodge Hotels, a modern, rustic and robust hotel with a very own concept. Stay for a reasonable rate, in basic furnished rooms with an excellent bed, shower and included breakfast. Other refreshments and drinks are possible; all with ingeniously designed, state-of-the-art self-service.

Share together

There are approx. 75 parking spaces in front of the hotel, but not only the hotel guests use it. Two picturesque restaurants form the neighbours of Star Lodge Hotels and their guests also park there. The neighbouring horse riding school also attracts a lot of visitors arriving by car, and there are a lot of hikers who enter the Voorveldse Polder behind the hotel.


Brickyard manages

How do you manage all that? The solution is easy, Star Lodge Hotels already had a parking system, but it did not work properly. Some parts were reused, such as the barriers, which is better for the environment and cost-efficient. Brickyard has installed SlimPark entry and exit terminals with a ticket printer and barcode scanner. There is a pay station and the reception has access to the user-friendly back-office system.

Welcoming to everyone

The first three hours of parking are free. Very hospitable for hikers, visitor of the riding school and people going for lunch. Those who stay longer pay at the pay station. Hotel guests validate their entry ticket and have access to the property during their stay. Staff has a contactless Mifare pass that always allows the area to work. Simple and effective, for all users of the site.


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