Martin van Beurden new manager sales at Brickyard


On 11 June Martin van Beurden started at Brickyard as manager sales, to streamline the sales department of our fast growing organization.

Martin has worked with great devotion and pleasure at City 360 / Traffic Support for the past 5 years, where he has succeeded in turning a project into a successful service that has turned the organization into the Dutch market leader in ‚Äč‚Äčsupervision & enforcement.

The enterprising, 32-year-old father of a baby daughter has long been focused on service and hospitality. He started his career as a student with a job in the hospitality industry, who liked it so much, that he continued his education at the Higher Hotel School.

No wonder that the development of the Brickyard hospitality branch seems to have been written on his mind and that problem-free parking with OfficePark really matters to him. Combine that with his background in enforcement and his drive to achieve success, and you know that Martin is in his place.

We wish Martin a lot of fun in this challenging job.

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