Kerkrade welcoming and accessible with camera parking


In the city of Kerkrade hospitality has a high priority. The Kerkplein parking lot is a blue zone parking area. However, its enforcement is very labour intensive and therefore expensive. Fortunately, there is a user-friendly solution and that solution is called Minipark camera parking.

Parking on the Kerkplein parking lot remains free for the first two hours, after that, the parker has to pay a parking fee. The ANPR cameras of Minipark camera parking scan the number plates of all vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot. Was a car parked for more than two hours and does the driver leave without paying for the extra time, he will receive a fine on his doormat. When one is parked for more than 2 hours, the parker can pay his parking fee by entering his plate number on the payment teminal.

Open and user-friendly

In this way, the parking lot will remain open, accessible and especially user-friendly, while the enforcement is fully automated. This simple system, which saves the city a lot of costs and care, will also will be installed at the Atrium parking lot. This area is nowhere near the standard route of the enforcement agents and therefore perfectly lends itself for TMC's Minipark.

Photo: © Oog op Kerkrade

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