Inspiring innovation tour about camera enforcement


Prior to the traditional New Year’s reception the Vexpan, in collaboration with TMC and Empaction, organized an innovation tour about camera enforcement. Several speakers elaborated on the developments in city closures, future trends and the do's and don'ts.

Mattias Rouw from ARVOO was chairman of the day and introduced Paul van Loon from Empaction and Pieter van der Roest of the city of Delft. Paul elaborated on the developments around city closures of the past and present, on trends for the future and explained the do's and don'ts of enforcement with number plate cameras.

City of Delft: Camera enforcement in practice

After that Pieter van der Roest gave a behind the scenes look of the everyday practice. TMC has successfully installed nineteen camera locations in Delft. The city first tested a cut-through traffic location and a bus lane location to see how number plate based camera enforcement can be deployed best. The experiences of Delft provided very useful insights for every city which is considering the introduction of this form of enforcement, as has the city of Amersfoort.

Expert panel

With a panel discussion, the tour ended. Parking professionals of the city of Amersfoort, TMC Connection Systems, Sigmax and the previous speakers started a discussion using a number of provocative statements. The main conclusion is that camera enforcement is a wonderful solution, but not yet an of the shelve solution. It requires very thorough preparation and the courage to make choices. Intensive cooperation between cities is recommended, because there is an awful lot to learn from each other's experiences.

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