Increased safety with Dip & Go in Amsterdam Noord


At the car park at the Stellingweg in Amsterdam Noord, visitors can now easily enter and exit the parking garage using Dip & Go and even contactless using Tap & Go. TMC has recently installed its ticket-free and cash-free Abacus Blue Edition parking system. As a result, the unmanned site is now less susceptible to vandalism, burglary and failures.

An ANPR camera reads the number plates of incoming vehicles. Residents who have paid for a parking space are recognized by the system, the bollard goes down automatically and the resident can enter the car park. Leaving the car park is handled in exactly the same way. Residents can easily enter and exit the car park.

Dip & Go at the bollard

For visitors, the first two hours of parking are free of charge. After that they will have to pay a parking fee. Upon entering the car park, the visitor insert his debit or credit card at the terminal, or swipe it in front of the contactless card reader. Subsequently the bollard lowers and the visitor can enter the car park disappears into the ground. When leaving, the visitor again insert his debit or credit card at the exit terminal, or swipes in front of the contactless reader. If he has parked for more than two hours, the parking fee is automatically deducted from his debit card or credit card account.

With this system there is no need for a payment terminal, which increases the safety of the site. Payment is done automatically, which is easy for the visitor and saves time. Moreover, the investment costs of this system are low, as well as the operating costs.

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