How a camera changes behaviour and brings safety


Traffic on the provincial road next to Kortenberg Belgium is regularly jammed during the morning rush hour. The escape route ran through the Minneveldstraat, an area with schools and thus full of cyclists and pedestrians. It frequently caused hazardous traffic situations and a lot of frustration with Kortenberg residents. The solution is simple and has only advantages!

Camera records illegal passages

The city investigated all sorts of solutions, but the disadvantages did not outweigh the benefits until the ANPR cameras with Brickyard's back-office came to light. The limited costs, the simplicity and the ability to first test how it works and what the consequences are, was enough to start the experiment. The camera scans the number plates of passing vehicles during set time frames. Residents have unlimited access. Via a web portal, they can log in to register visitors. Or the taxi, the plumber. Anyone who is not registered can’t drive within that time frame. Anyone who does drive there, gets a fine at home.

Everything becomes clear

The residents were sceptical in advance. Was big brother watching? Does the physiotherapist have to register all his clients for a whole year? Should trailers and caravans also be registered? But after a while, every became clear. Residents now have plenty of time register their visitors. And if you forget to do so in advance... No problem; it can also be done afterwards. At the desk at the physiotherapist there is a tablet on which clients can enter their number plate. A simple act that gives them a single right of passage.

The profit: safe and income

The trial is now running for more than a year and residents are no longer reserved: they have become raving fans. Because the system works! Statistics show that the number of passages in the morning has decreased drastically. Conclusion: There has been a change of behaviour and that is exactly what the city and residents aimed for. The area is safe again.

There aren’t a lot of offenders. With a pretty high fine per offense, the system offers the city some money that they can invest in improving the infrastructure. Kortenberg is now making up for five more camera setups to counter traffic on other roads. No problem, because the system only has advantages!

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