Hotels in Utrecht join forces for ultimate parking solution


The modern Designa Slimpark parking system makes parking lots of two popular hotels on the outskirts of Utrecht modern, friendly and accessible. Hotel guests can even enter the parking lot with their hotel key cards. Components of the existing solutions are reused in the new system.

Better and more modern parking solution needed

The spacious and luxurious Mitland hotel in Utrecht is part of an attractive multipurpose complex. Along with the beautifully located restaurant Fort de Bilt, the budget-friendly Star Lodge design hotel, the contemporary restaurant Loft 88 and a pretty horse riding school, it lies in a unique spot on the outskirts of Utrecht. Both hotels have a need for new and better parking facilities and are at the right place with TMC.

Collaboration and reuse cut costs

The hotels have decided to join forces and collectively replace their parking systems, in which the useful components of the current parking systems are reused, so no precious materials are wasted and the costs are reduced. Think about intercom systems, foundations, detection loops and wiring. A VPN tunnel connects the two hotels so it is seen as a whole, which keeps the costs even lower.

Enter the parking lot with hotel key card

The system works with barcode technology. The user presents the parking ticket at the barcode scanner. Thanks to Hotec readers at the entrance, guests can even use their hotel key card to enter the parking lot. The first three hours parking is free of charge, after that restaurant guests can pay their parking fee cashless at the payment terminals outside. The new parking system functions standalone, intercom calls are directed to the reception of the proper hotel.

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