Full electric enforcement and surveillance car in Bergen op Zoom


And yet another satisfied customer. ParkeerBeheer (Parking Management) Bergen op Zoom has recently received the first fully electric and emission-free enforcement and surveillance scan car in the world, which runs on the Brickyard back-office. The follow-up is done by scooters equipped with Bluebrick Pursuit; the first enforcement app on a tablet (developed with the city of Delft), which ensures there is no lag between the scan car check and the scooter recheck.

Durability and efficiency

The rooftop unit of the scan car contains cameras that scan all number plates in a street, these are automatically checked whether the driver has paid his parking fee. For Bergen op Zoom sustainability is an important issue, so the scan car that constantly drives around the city must be noise and emission free. The new Renault ZOE and the ScanGenius of ARVOO in combination with Brickyard's back-office form a great combination that fits the goals of the city.

The electric scooters with Bluebrick Pursuit app together are the other extremely efficient and durable combination. The scan tablet provides the enforcement agents with real-time information, to optimize their efforts, to tune in well, and to prevent waiting lists in the follow-up.


Innovative car

The city uses the scan car for more than just parking enforcement. It will also be used for enforcing fault parking, environmental enforcement, street furniture surveillance and parking research. Because ParkeerBeheer Bergen op Zoom already works closely with the surrounding cities, they’re already considering using the car elsewhere.

Enforcement agents for quality of life in the city

The enforcement agents are certainly not superfluous due to the new scan car and scan scooters. They now have more time for other issues, such as drug dumping in the surrounding areas or litter waste. That is very beneficial for the quality of life in the city and the surrounding area of Bergen op Zoom.

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