First 2 scan cars officially delivered to Rotterdam


This morning Peter Peddemors, CEO of TMC, handed over the keys to Michael Sliedrecht of Stadsbeheer Rotterdam. This completes the official delivery of the first two scan cars to the city of Rotterdam.

With a signature and the handing over of the keys, the first two scan cars are officially delivered to the city of Rotterdam. Late September the first test car started his rounds to familiarize the employees of Stadsbeheer Rotterdam and the parkers with the new enforcement system.

At Stadsbeheer they are very satisfied with the new scan car: "It works fast and is easy to use. In the beginning we ran into a few things that we have solved now. For instance the distance between the scan car and the scooters with enforcement agents following it may not be too large."

Checks with the scan cars, which are popping up all over the city in recent weeks, are much more efficient. Where an enforcement agent on foot can check up to 20 cars per hour, the scan car can check hundreds of parked cars.

In November, 172.000 vehicles were scanned and 25.800 fines were issued. This is a sharp increase over last year, when there was a monthly average of 19.000 fines. Employees of Stadsbeheer clearly state that the willingness to pay has increased since the deployment of the scan car. "This is due to the clear presence of the scan cars, but possibly also due to increased enforcement." Next year another 4 scan cars will be delivered, which will take care of the total parking enforcement.

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