Excellent support for work processes, now with Bluebrick


Inconvenience because of bicycle wrecks? Need for parking counting? 'Work processes' is the newest functionality within Bluebrick and supports your city in carrying out enforcement tasks, precisely tailored, even if each city does things differently.

Supports your working method

Clean up bicycle wrecks, enforce the environmental laws, carry out parking counting; these are examples of processes that many cities carry out. Only every city has a slightly different approach. Brickyard created the possibility in Bluebrick enforcement system to precisely shape such processes. Bluebrick then supports the enforcers and the municipal services involved in the execution of the processes. How does that work?

It can go like this... but also different

Take bicycle wrecks for example. The process can goes as follows: enforcement agents put a label with a warning on an 'orphan bike'. If the bicycle is found again after the warning period has elapsed, a new label will be issued as an announcement of removal. This label has a barcode, which the enforcement agent scans with Bluebrick, with which the location of the bike is registered.


If there are sufficient bicycles at a location to be removed, the municipal collection service will be notified. They will take these bikes to the bicycle depot. The owner of the orphan bike has the possibility to pick it up at the depot. In the back-office you can search for the characteristics of the bicycle. When the bicycle is found and the owner demonstrates ownership with his key, he can take the bicycle with him after payment of the incurred costs.

Design together

We help the city with the design of the process in the Bluebrick back-office. We shape all the steps in the workflow, exactly how one would like to work. The system then supports the city's working method with the correct registrations, with targeted reports, with the scanning of labels and with reports that provide insight into what is going on, how that is dealt with and how it changes over time.

More information?

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