Entry and exit with Dip & Go in Amsterdam Molenwijk


TMC will replace the parking equipment at the car park in the Molenwijk area in Amsterdam. In order to reduce the operational costs of this unmanned location, entry and exit with Dip & Go was selected. This ticketless and cash-free system is less susceptible to vandalism and burglary and thus ideally suited for an unmanned location.

The car park is closed with an access control system, bollards and ANPR cameras. The parking spaces are available to subscription holding residents, which are allowed to enter and leave the car park  freely, based on their number plate. Short term parkers are allowed two hours of free parking, for a longer stay payment is required.

Instant payment with debit or credit card

TMC will soon replace the terminals at the entrance and exit. Short term parkers insert their debit card or credit card at the terminal, after which they get access to the parking lot. When leaving they insert their card again; if they parked for more than two hours, the parking fee will be deducted from their debit card or credit card account.

Great benefits

This entry and exit with Dip & Go has several advantages. A payment terminal is no longer needed, which increases safety. User-friendliness increases, because parkers no longer have to wait to pay their parking fee. The system has low investment costs and low operational costs, partly because the system works without tickets, they don’t need to be refilled and there is a little risk of errors.

The parking system works from "the cloud", so there is no need for an on-site parking server, the system has a maximum up-time, is always up to date and upgrades are automatically included. This makes entering and exiting with Dip & Go the most versatile and user-friendly parking system.

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