Enforcement agents improve quality of life in Zeist with Bluebrick


Enforcement is all about quality of life in the city. Enforcement agents have limited resources, but can still do a lot for the safety and security in the streets. And with the right approach, they also support us to live happily next to each other.

Encouragement to comply

Enforcement agents do a lot. Ask someone to fix the leash on a loose dog. Give a fine for parking where this is not allowed. Warn the lady who drives too fast. Small things, but of great significance. We agreed on rules to live safely and pleasantly together.

Someone has to ensure that we comply with those rules. That's what the enforcement agent does with the right mix of action, kindness and firmness. And with a little technical aid; an app that supports the work on the street. In Zeist, they use Bluebrick by Brickyard.

Too much parking pressure around schools

Imagine this. A quiet neighbourhood in Zeist, with two modern school buildings. On weekdays there is a huge traffic jam in the morning and in the afternoon. Parents usually bring their children by car and the area around the schools is not suited for this kind of traffic.

Improper use

Not that they haven’t thought about it. For example, there is a spacious parking space for taxi buses, right in front of the entrance of one of the schools. Many children come to school with these busses and this reduces the traffic and parking pressure. This provision is of course very attractive for parents who only bring their own child. Stopping to let the child step in or out - kiss-and-ride - is of course no problem. Parking is not the intention.

Enforcement agent supports good behaviour

Such a taxi parking only works if proper use is ensured. This is what the enforcement agent does. When the schools start or finish, he will visit the schools. Anyone who parked illegally for the first time gets a warning. The enforcement agent saves the warning with the specific number plate in his Bluebrick app.

Parkers are given the opportunity to change their behaviour. The enforcement system now knows how often someone has parked at this location. When they park again on the taxi parking stand, the will definitely get a fine. The traffic jam in the district is not resolved by just this approach, more is needed. But enforcement does help to reduce the inconvenience.

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