Eindhoven starts with innovative automated maintenance


Last year the city of Eindhoven decided to improve the enforcement efficiency. Hence the need for a new enforcement system, with the possibility of a more effective check of parking permits. Early 2016 the city started searching for the best solution through a public tender procedure and eventually chose Bluebrick from TMC.

Eindhoven chooses Bluebrick

The Bluebrick enforcement solution by TMC is the system that meets all requirements of the city of Eindhoven and they started working with it in the course of last year. Bluebrick is a SaaS solution, which we offer as an online service. We provide installation, maintenance and management, the city accesses the software via the Internet. In this way, we can optimize and increase our service and responsiveness. Besides Bluebrick we also supplied Eindhoven with sixty five handheld terminals and printers.

Digital permits

Together with the city of Eindhoven, we will check how we can best support the digitization of all permits. Linked with the overall platform Brickyard, Eindhoven can now bring all parking and mobility data together, for example the information from the parking meters. Suppose that the willingness to pay turns out to be high in a certain area, one may consider to decrease the deployment of enforcement agents in that area. One of the things we will possibly do in the long term is processing data from a scan car. This link has already been developed by TMC; it is a unique feature of our system.

Optimize policy and management information

With the deployment of Bluebrick the quality of the fines improves and permits can be easily and automatically checked. The system also provides management information that provides insight to help the city optimize parking policies and to effectively deploy and manage its enforcement agents.

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