Eindhoven starts state-of-the-art enforcement with Bluebrick

bluebrick closeup

The city of Eindhoven will deploy Bluebrick in order to improve the enforcement efficiency of and for effective permit monitoring. With the modern technology of Bluebrick, enforcement agents are less likely to make mistakes and the city receives more and better management information.

Taking care of the city

Taking care of cities is what drives us. Bluebrick is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service), which we offer as an online service. We provide installation, maintenance and management, the city accesses the software via the Internet. In this way, we can optimize our services, shorten our response time and maximum our care.

Gather all parking data

Bluebrick is part of the Brickyard platform, which offers the city a single solution to link all parking and mobility data, for example all the data of the parking meters of Eindhoven.waarin de gemeente alle data rond parkeren en mobiliteit kan koppelen, bijvoorbeeld ook alle gegevens van de parkeerautomaten van Eindhoven.

Reports and notifications

In addition to parking enforcement, Eindhoven will also be using Bluebrick for notifications, such as reports about public space, time tracking, reporting incidents, on site monitoring, or other categories that the city of Eindhoven can add themselves in the back-office. Within the Brickyard reports, one can select the various notification types, for example, show notifications about public places where chemical waste has been found. Reports will eventually lead to work orders, which will steer the work of enforcement agents.

Fast delivery

Within a month after receiving the order, we delivered Bluebrick for parking enforcement and so-called ‘Mulder-violations’. Three months later we will deliver all the functionalities the city of Eindhoven wants in their enforcement system. Besides the Bluebrick enforcement app we also supply the handheld terminals and printers.

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