Delft shares experiences with camera enforcement on Dag van de BOA

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On May 23rd TMC is present at the Dag van de BOA (Day of the Enforcement Agent). The City of Delft has lots of experience with enforcement using ANPR cameras. TMC asked Pieter van der Roest to share his experiences. A must visit for every city with problems like cut-through driving, bus lanes and area closures.

During the 9th edition of the successful Dag van de BOA, the enforcement agent is the central figure. It is the place to meet colleagues from different areas and share experiences.

Of course TMC is again present to show the Brickyard platform, the Bluebrick enforcement app, the TMC scancar solution, but in particular our ANPR camera based enforcement system.

Pieter van der Roest shares his experiences with this efficient and cost effective enforcement system. Will you be there along in the Reehorst in Ede?

9th Dag van de BOA (Day of the Enforcement Agent)
May 23, 2016
The Reehorst in Ede

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