Cut-through traffic Minneveldstraat to be fined starting January


From early next year, every motorist who uses the Minneveldstraat in Kortenberg to avoid the busy Leuvensesteenweg during the morning rush hour will be fined. The municipality wants to tackle the cut-through traffic problem, so TMC has recently installed an ANPR camera that will register each passing car.

For years Kortenberg is suffering from cut-through traffic. This is especially evident in the Minneveldstraat. Motorists use the municipal road during the morning rush hour to avoid the busy Leuvensesteenweg. "And of course that is not pleasant for the residents, " said Mayor Chris Taes (CD&V). "So we started on December 1st with a pilot project involving an ANPR camera, which was installed on October 27th. This camera will register each passing car. Starting January 1st, anyone who doesn’t have a destination in the street or nearby gets fined. Until then we only give out warnings."

From Monday, anyone who thinks he or she has a valid reason to use the Minneveldstraat during the morning rush hour may apply for a permit through the municipality website. "It is a pilot project, which will be reviewed regularly," says Taes. "We rent the camera for a period of three years, but the contract can be reviewed annually."

From December 1th, the rule for exceptional local traffic in the Minneveldstraat will be lifted. That way everyone will is allowed to use the street outside the morning rush hour.



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