Convenience for Eindhoven thanks to digital permits


Digitalization of the parking chain is in full swing everywhere. The city of Eindhoven is already taken big steps. Number plate parking have been introduced, since last year enforcement is done with the Bluebrick enforcement app and soon, application and issuing of permits will also be fully automated. Brickyard has won the tender. Convenience for the city, but also for residents and retailers, and even for visitors, thanks to the special app.

Permit from Desyde as part of Brickyard

We have been working for seven years with strategic partner Desyde, developer of the Permit Licensing System, which fits seamlessly within the Brickyard platform. Eindhoven now uses Brickyard to manage all information on parking machines and enforcement data, and soon enforcers will also request the permit database. The city can easily get an overview of the total parking revenue for a certain period, including the proceeds of permits.

Regulation is included

For the correct issuing of permits at the city hall desk, there’s no need for knowledge of the parking regulations, all rules on permits in Eindhoven are registered in the Permit Licensing System. The choices made by the city determine what citizens or companies may or may not do with Permit and the E-office.

Visitor arrangement in the app

With the visitor arrangement it is possible to sign on and sign off visitors using an app. This can be done with all conceivable devices: smartphone, tablet, but also with laptop and pc!

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