City of Landsmeer repels cut-through traffic with ANPR cameras


And another city chooses virtual closure; the city of Landsmeer will soon counteract cut-through traffic between Purmerend and Amsterdam during rush hours using ANPR access control. The unwieldy old "speed cameras" will be replaced by slender ANPR cameras from TMC. Simultaneously the enforcement agents will start using the Bluebrick enforcement app.

The route through Landsmeer (a place between Purmerend and Amsterdam) is a great alternative to the A7 motorway, which is plagued by daily traffic jams. To counteract the cut-through traffic, the municipality has placed old-fashioned "speed cameras". TMC will install ANPR access control for a hefty upgrade of the enforcement system.

Two sides of the main road will be equipped with an ANPR camera. In the morning rush hour, vehicles in the direction of Amsterdam are checked, in the evening rush hour vehicles in the direction of Purmerend are checked. Residents get a permit and may pass freely. Other motorists may not pass, they automatically receive a fine at their home address when they do use the road.

The ANPR access control system uses the central Brickyard back-office. Simultaneously with the installation of the system the enforcement agents will start using Bluebrick. This enforcement app uses the same back-office system, offering the city of Landsmeer a fully integrated, future-proof, digital enforcement system.

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