City of Delft replaces bollards with ANPR cameras


Delft is the first city in the Netherlands that closes the access to the city centre completely with ANPR cameras. All the bollards will be removed, which results in cost savings and a more user-friendly city center.

Replacing bollards

The city of Delft will replace all the bollards that close access to the city center for motorized traffic (including scooters). These movable barriers have reached the end of their life span. The bollards won’t return, the city instead decided to install ANPR access control.

Enforcement with ANPR cameras

That decision was preceded by a successful one year pilot. The city chose for two completely different locations; one is closed only three hours a day to prevent cut-through traffic, the other is permanently closed to normal traffic. ANPR cameras ensure that the city can effectively control the access of these closures. Drivers without a permit who drive through are photographed and receive a fine at their home address.


c01delft wethouder

Councillor Harpe with a promotion team at the entrance of the ANPR camera controlled area on the Nieuwe Langendijk. © Pauline Aarts


Signage is important

The technique works fine, but the signage is most important at such 'virtual' city closures. They have to indicate the conditions for closure accurately, legible and in a comprehensible manner. The goal of the camera system is to create a behavioural change, not to give as many fines as possible. And this goal seems to reached.

Affordable solution

So Delft has decided to replace all 19 bollards by ANPR cameras. Another advantage is that the cameras are not susceptible to interference; the bollards are. The new solution is also a financially benefit for the city.


Delft Nieuwe Langedijk

Clear signage and Zebra-Safe LED lights indicate the closed city centre.

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