Nijkerk soon starts with camera enforcement


Soon another city will start with camera enforcement from Brickyard. Our ANPR cameras will check in the Nijkerk city center whether road users obey the traffic signs. The signs say that during loading and unloading times one may enter and exit the area, outside of those times this is not allowed.


Roosendaal keeps out scooters with camera enforcement


The city of Roosendaal is one of the first cities in the Netherlands to keep scooters out of the city center with camera enforcement by Brickyard. The four ANPR cameras are located at the access roads to the Markt and automatically register the number plates of passing scooters.


Stockholm does more with the Brickyard scan car


You can do more with the scan car than you think. Recently we drove the first test rounds in the city of Stockholm and doing so made an analysis of the parking occupancy rate. Combine this with the analysis we made of the willingness to pay and in the next step we will predict where you can find a free parking space.


OfficePark hip & happening at Teleport Hotel


With the easy to use OfficePark we now add to the relaxed atmosphere of the Amsterdam Teleport Hotel. Two number plate cameras, a barrier, intercoms and a remarkably customer-friendly back-office provide optimal hospitality and put an end to parking hassle. Reason for a party!


Oostzaan strikes back against cut-through traffic


During rush hours, a lot of traffic tries to avoid the traffic jam sensitive A8 between Amsterdam and Alkmaar / Purmerend, leading to daily traffic problems in Oostzaan. Road safety is becoming a serious problem, because of the village’s limited infrastructure. In addition, this limited road network is shared by both fast and slow traffic.