Carparks Alliantie headquarters in Hilversum future ready


The newly renovated headquarters of housing association De Alliantie in Hilversum is ready for the future, and the surrounding parking lots soon are too. TMC will install a modern contactless, debit card and credit cards entry system, based on number plate recognition.


Last year several business units of housing association De Alliantie moved to a new office in Hilversum. Sustainably renovated and flexible setup, the building is ready for the future. The parking lots at the building have also been updated. De Alliantie wants ticketless post-paid parking, so the site can function without an on-site manager and without parking tickets.

In the cloud

De Alliantie would also like to see the system running in the cloud, to minimize the hardware on site. This keeps the investment low. Permit holders use an access system by Ceteq that works with ANPR cameras. This system opens and closes the new TMC barriers when a driver enters the parking lot. Obviously there are intercom stations and incoming calls are immediately forwarded to 'Regio Control' call centre.

Operating friendly and maintenance friendly

Thanks to the contactless, debit card and credit card entry and exit system, ticketless parking is now possible and, moreover, there is no need for an payment terminal on site. All that saves operating costs and parker don't have to wait in line at the payment terminal. Because the software runs in the cloud, there is also a guaranteed maximum uptime and the system is always up to date.

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