Camera enforcement to reduce motorized traffic in Assen city centre


The city of Assen is planning to install ANPR camera’s throughout the city centre. Motorists who enter the pedestrian zone despite of the ban of motor vehicles will automatically receive a fine at home. TMC has already installed the first three cameras of this camera enforcement system.

The municipality of Assen has drawn up a plan to make downtown Assen a vital, vibrant and accessible area. An important part is to make the city centre a car-free pedestrian zone. At the moment the traffic signs are massively ignored by cars and trucks. The residents and entrepreneurs on the Brink square experience this as nuisance.

As a pilot, the city of Assen started with camera enforcement using ANPR cameras on the Brink. Starting October 1st, all number plates of passing vehicles on the Brink are automatically scanned. First offenders will only receive a warning letter at home. From the first of November, all passing motorists will receive a ticket as a penalty.

Exemption for parking permits

At various places on the Brink traffic signs will be installed indicating that it is a car-free area. Residents with a parking permit got an exemption, suppliers and retailers can use the so-called 'time frames' when it is allowed to enter the area by car.

The closure of the Brink is a test lasting up to a year. After that, the enforcement system is evaluated with various parties. If the pilot is a success, the city is considering further expansion of the system.


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