Calm and peace descends on A&O Hostel car park


The Brickyard Slimpark system offers, in the Amsterdam Bijlmer area, a simple solution to keep the busy car park of the large A&O Hostel accessible and free of uninvited guests.


The modern A&O Hostel Amsterdam is housed in a large old office building in the Amsterdam Bijlmer area. Located close to the Bullewijk metro station, it is an affordable starting point to extensively explore Amsterdam. The hostel is therefore well attended, and so is the corresponding parking lot. Only not always in a nice way...

Uninvited guests

In the past, the barrier of the parking lot was often pushed open. Some uninvited guests then left their cars for quite some time. That caused the manager of the hotel and car park a lot of inconvenience, hassle and costs. Time for a better solution.

Simple and effective

With Slimpark from Designa, Brickyard offers that solution. The concept is simple yet robust. We have placed an extra strong barrier, which falls into a so-called catch arm with a magnet. You can no longer break open the barrier. You only enter the area after a ticket has been drawn at the entrance. And leaving can only be done by paying for the ticket at one of the payment terminals outside, for a fixed price of € 10,-.

"The parking area is primarily intended for hotel guests, and if others want to use it, that's possible. The parking fee is deliberately chosen high to discourage short-term parkers, but not hotel guests," says general manager Sven de Boer. Some staff from neighboring office have subscriptions and have access to the site using an access pass.

Peace and quiet

Peace and quiet have now returned to the parking lot of A&O Hostel Amsterdam, to everyone's satisfaction.

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