Business visitors, students and subscribers smart share a garage


Different user groups lead to high parking pressure on the Daltonlaan in Utrecht. The modern Designa Slimpark parking system by TMC regulates parking in a modern way and provides parking convenience for every type of visitor.

Parking pressure

At the Daltonlaan in Utrecht various companies and training centers share some tiered parking garages, which are free of charge. This leads to a high parking pressure when at certain times students arrive. There is an urgent need for parking regulation. TMC provides them with the Slimpark system from Designa.

Three groups with their own solution

The complex has various user groups; short-term parkers, subscribers and guests. A different approach is needed for each group. The entry and exit will be closed by barriers and there will be a system of post-paid parking. Short-term parkers pay the parking fee afterwards at a desk and subscribers get their own access card. Guests may receive a free exit ticket at the desk of the business they visit.

Barcode technology

Slimpark uses barcode technology on plastic cards and has no parking ticket inlet. However there is a barcode scanner where to present the parking ticket. This system prevents ticket jams, so first line disturbances are minimized. Illegal parking at the Daltonlaan will soon be a thing of the past.

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