Brussels Airport chooses SmartEye sensors


Brussels Airport has chosen for TMC SmartEye sensors. The sensors will be used to check parking durations in the Kiss & Fly Zone. This area in front of the departures building is designed to allow passengers to quickly step out. Parking is not allowed here, it may not exceed 5 minutes, but it was quite difficult to check this.

Better traffic flow

SmartEye sensors are highly accurate in tracking parking bay occupancy in real time. The controlling stewards get a Samsung smartphone with an enforcement app that indicates when a parking bay is occupied for too long (overstay). If a bay is occupied for too long, the steward can now address the driver with his behaviour, now with evidence in hand.

With the deployment of the sensors Brussels Airport hopes for a smoother traffic flow at the Kiss & Fly zone, leading to a higher customer satisfaction level. In addition, the occupancy data can be used for analysis of parking time and parking pressure, for more efficient deployment of the stewards, or to optimize the zone.


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