Breevast chooses OfficePark


With OfficePark, TMC offers the ideal solution for companies that share a parking lot. Based on vehicle number plates, the system manages the parking spaces allocated to different companies in an easy and flexible way. The ideal solution for the shared parking at Breevast.

The car park at the head office of Breevast real estate in Amsterdam is used by different companies, which makes regulation of the available parking spaces desirable.

When a company can only use exactly the number of parking spaces it is entitled to, that will save a lot of hassle. Visitors feel welcome because there is always a parking space available for them. Regular suppliers can also enter the parking lot without  any delay. Ideally, according to Breevast.

Number plate based

Soon, TMC will install OfficePark at the car park. The system uses the latest techniques, and is almost completely automated. Through high quality ANPR cameras, the system knows exactly how many parking places of each company are used. A parker only gets access if his company still has free places available. This solution is very easy to work with, flexible and extremely reliable.

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