Big interest in OfficePark at Facility and Building Management Expo


Parking hassle is still a problem at large, shared parking lots. Something OfficePark from Brickyard is ready to solve. We showed this at the Vakbeurs Facilitair & Gebouwbeheer (Facility and Building Management Expo) from 24 to 26 January. The interest in this simple but smart system was great.

Flooded with interest

With a stand location close to the entrance, our remarkably black and orange booth got a lot of attention. "Occupying each other's parking spaces?" We asked on the back wall of the stand. "Endless waiting at the intercom?" and "Too few parking spaces?". Very recognizable for facility managers and parking managers, so we were overwhelmed with interest.

From everywhere

Hospitals, banks, finance companies, multi-company buildings, they all sent their facility managers with the assignment to find the best solution for the parking problem. Because parking hassle is what they all know very well, we have again heard a lot of horrible stories.

Come and see

With OfficePark, Brickyard offers the smart approach that puts an end to parking hassle. With only number plate cameras, a barrier and a smart cloud application. We would gladly show it.

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