Avoid nuisance in remote parking lots


Car parks in remote areas or industrial areas, that are used improperly after sunset, can sometimes cause inconvenience. A simple and care-free solution that also generates money is available: With a simple barrier and paid parking with a cashless payment terminal, you can regulates use.

Nuisance after sunset

Parking lots on the outskirts, or even completely outside the city limits may unintentionally attract illegal practices. A car park for nature reserve visitors for example, may after sunset be used as a meeting place for unwanted activities or the centre of the local drug trafficking. There are also cases where such a site is used for illegal street races. Such use may cause nuisance or disturbance.


Close and pay for use

But you can do something about it! Such a site can be closed with a barrier, and then you can start with paid parking. Install a cashless payment terminal and there is no cash on site, because that's asking for trouble.

You can consider to introduce paid parking only in the evening and at night at quite a high rate or vary the rates. Daytime parking costs less than in the evening and at night, so it’s an expensive affair to stay there, which makes the presence there unattractive.

No investment: leasing or operation

Paid parking makes money that you can use to maintain the associated area. There’s no need to buy the barrier and payment terminals. The total solution is also available to lease, that way there are no investment costs, but we can also take over the entire operation from you. We install the necessary equipment, provide maintenance and share the parking revenues. This makes it easy to choose such a solution.

Successful approach

In recent months we have helped to introduce this approach at various places in the Netherlands, and the results are promising. Nuisance is declining, the solution yields more than it costs and parkers don’t seem to mind to pay for their parking.


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