ANPR camera enforcement eliminates damages due to bollards


The innovative ANPR camera enforcement systeem can be an excellent alternative to physical closure of an area. ANPR cameras scan the number plates of passing vehicles24/7, which are compared with registered number plates. Collision damages or other disturbances are now a thing of the past.

Physical barrier sometimes necessary

In retail or pedestrian zones, it is sometimes desirable and sometimes even necessary, to physically close the area for traffic. An automatic retractable pole, a so-called bollard, is the ideal solution for selectively closing such an area. A highly vandal-proof system, which can even be automated based on number plate recognition. For example, the governmental building Het Binnenhof in The Hague is protected by bollards from the approach of vehicles with potentially malicious drivers.

Closed yet open

However, a physical barrier restricts the flow of permitted traffic. In addition, collisions with (injury) damage a are not unusual, are annoying and moreover costly. ANPR camera enforcement provides an excellent alternative; the system does not physically closes an area, it checks based on the number plates. Licensees such as suppliers or residents can pass unhindered. Unregistered number plates are in violation when they pass. After a review and approval by an authorized person the owners of these vehicles automatically receive a fine at home.

Many application areas

ANPR camera enforcement ensures unhindered passage, for instance for emergency services from other regions and has many application areas. In the centre of Leeuwarden the traffic flow in a bus lane is controlled and in Delft the ANPR cameras close the. The bicycle tunnel under the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is not allowed for motor vehicles. The ANPR cameras record the number plates of mopeds and motorbikes and drivers receive a fine at home.


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