ANPR access control Rijksmuseum leads to behavioral change


ANPR access control (or camera enforcement) appears to be effective to keep scooters away from the tunnel under the Rijksmuseum. Since the ANPR cameras are installed the number of scooters and mopeds that drive through the tunnel has decreased.

Since the system was installed, nearly 17,000 scooter drivers are ticketed. They received a fine at home of 95 euros. The city of Amsterdam does not benefit from these revenues: the fines are collected by the Central Judicial Collection Agency.

Because there were a lot of problems with (speeding) scooters through the tunnel, it was decided to install ANPR access control by TMC. Scooters and mopeds are not allowed in the tunnel. Besides walking, you may cycle your bike there on the driving lane in the pedestrian zone.

Besides the usual traffic signs, since October 2014 all traffic is monitored using ANPR cameras. This form of enforcement is continued until 2018, a spokesman says.

Behavioral change

Most scooter drivers make the mistake only once. Exactly why the city has placed the cameras; altering behavior. Yet there is always a group that drove through the tunnel two or three times and there are dozens of number plates that were scanned up to twelve times. Some number plates were even scanned upto fifty times, but these are mainly scooters from rental companies. According to the evaluation of the project.

It is striking that the number of offenders has dropped sharply in the first months since the start of the camera enforcement. In January 2015, the number of passages averaged thirteen per day, compared to an average of 103 passages in September 2014. The analysis shows that cameras work much better than on site traffic wardens.


Scooter drivers who were ticketed relatively often appealed to their fine. Nearly 3,500 people (22% of the total) objected. That is twice as high as the percentage of objectors the prosecution assumes normally.

That is probably due to the fact that many people do not know they are not welcome in the tunnel with their scooter or moped. The traffic signs are not totally obvious. The prosecutor does not follow the objectors in these cases, fines are only reversed when the city appears to have provided too little information.

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