ANPR access control in Kortenberg


TMC has received the order from the city of Kortenberg (Belgium) for the installation of an ANPR access control system. This system regulates vehicle access by means of a permanent ANPR camera set-up.

The N2 towards Brussels goes through the center of Kortenberg. In the morning there are a lot of traffic jams. Motorists us the Minneveldstraat as short cut to avoid the traffic jam. The city of Kortenberg wanted a solution for a targeted approach for cut-through traffic, with minimum disturbance to its own residents.

By applying the ANPR access control system, the Minneveldstraat is "virtually" closed to cut-through traffic in the morning. The system has a so-called "white list" (list of authorized number plates) that determines who has access to the area. Residents of Kortenberg can self-register their license plate in the system.

ANPR access control by TMC is a cost effective alternative to physical barriers such as bollards. The system is ideally to close different types of traffic situations and enforce this closure.

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