A scan car in your smartphone, come and see at the Dag van de BOA


On May 15th Brickyard is present at the Dag van de BOA (Day of the Enforcement Agent). Always wanted to know how to put a scan car in your smartphone? During a workshop, Benno Freriks (Account Manager Enforcement), will tell you all ins and outs about parking enforcement using the Bluebrick enforcement app.

Especially for the enforcement agent and/or team leader, the 11th Day of the BOA will take place in the ReeHorst in Ede on May 15, 2017. In one day, you will be informed of the latest developments. In short, the event will get you inspired and there are plenty of networking opportunities with colleagues from all over the country!

Brickyard is also present to tell the enforcement agent everything about the Brickyard platform, the Bluebrick enforcement app, the scan car solution and camera enforcement using ANPR cameras.

Benno Freriks shares his experiences on more efficient enforcement with the Bluebrick continuous scanning option in workshop session 3.3. Will you be there too in the ReeHorst in Ede?

11th Dag van de BOA (Day of the Enforcement Agent)
May 15, 2017
The Reehorst in Ede

More info: dagvandeboa.nl
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